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The registration fee is $200.00 per player.  Helmet, pads, chinstrap, and game-day pants are provided on loan. 

  • South Fork Panthers welcomes all boys and girls to play football, within age and weight guidelines established by our national organizational body American Youth Football and by our local governing body, Piedmont Youth Football and Cheer League (please see below for more details).

  • If your player could, by age and weight, play on more than one team, we strongly advise that he or she be registered for the lowest playing classification possible. We feel that doing so will generally provide him or her the safest and most enjoyable playing experience.

  • Registrations are online (see Home page for details and link). Send any questions to:



  • Signed registration forms (parents and players).

  • 2024 registration fee is $200.00  for all football players, 7 Unlimited thru 13 Unlimited.

  • Physicals must be dated in 2024. Opportunities will be available again this year for physicals at our field for a nominal fee, which is donated back to SFP by the attending physicians.  Watch the Home page for details.

  • Certified Birth Certificate with raised seal (no copies).



Important Parents Notice

Football pads, helmets, and pants are provided on loan. They must be returned at the end of the season or you will be charged $300 for them. Football players must purchase their own cleats and practice attire. Please wait to purchase these items until your coach has given you information on what to buy.



Practices are held Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday until public school starts. Saturday mornings may be designated for practice in case of inclement weather. After school starts, practices are only Mon, Tues, & Thurs.  Practice begins at 6:00 pm and ends at 8:30 pm, prior to the start of school. Once school begins, practice will end by 7:30 pm. All participants should be present and ready to begin at 6:00. The first 20 minutes of practice should be used for warm ups and to check attendance.


Any participant who misses two practices in one week will not be eligible to participate in that week's game!

For the first few weeks of practice, participants will be teamed up according to experience level and taught fundamentals of safe football. The amount of time spent on fundamentals will be determined by the coaching staff.


**We strongly encourage parents to remain at each practice, or designate another adult to represent you. Yes, we realize this is a big time commitment, but your son and his coaches are giving their all during these practice sessions and parental support of their efforts is a vital component of your child's success in learning this challenging sport.


Please be supportive by

  • having your child on-time and prepared (adequately fed, hydrated, rested, and properly equipped) for each practice session and game

  • attending all practice sessions (but staying off the field during practice times)

  • providing encouragement and positive feedback to your player, especially when he's tired or frustrated

  • attending team meetings and adhering to your coaches' requests and recommendations

  • volunteering when asked, and showing up on-time for your commitments

  • cheering for your child and all his teammates at ALL times!

Refund Policy

Registered participants who decide not to play may receive a FULL refund up to April 1, 2024.
Refund requests between April 1, 2024 and July 21, 2024 will receive all BUT $75.00 of your registration fee back.
After the first day of practice (July 22, 2024) NO refunds will be granted. At and after the first practice begins at 6:00 pm, there are NO refunds except in the case of season-ending medical reasons, as provided by a physician. If your child's jersey has been ordered, the full price of his/her jersey will be deducted from any refunds issued by the SFP.

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